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Community Build Up +Projects Updates

Our goal from the beginning has been to create a space that will rejuvenate the connectedness of our community. That idea started as a small renovation, but has now grown to include the construction of a completely new building and greatly expanded community space. Here is where we are along that path:


So far in our rejuvenation journey:


  • Increased the property boundaries, allowing us to expand the community space and relocate the new building further back from the road.

  • Cleared areas of the property in order to build a beautiful and accessible playground.

  • Carefully took down our oritional 200 year old hall, preserving its original frame structure to be used as exposed beams in the new building.

  • Excavated the land to prepare for the new building.

  • Poured our new concrete foundation/floor for which the new building will be built on.

  •  Continue construction of the new centre, which will soon include the return of the original framework to be featured on the inside of the new building.

  •  With the support of Dexter’s Construction, we’re building a parking area in order to allow people to park safely when visiting the new community centre.

  • We’ve framed, enclosed, and put a roof on the building; in September the supports and roof were added on the outdoor pavilion

Our next steps include:

  • Installing the kitchen, paint and add mouldings.

  • Setting up the spaces for workshops and other events

  • Organizing rental fees and agreements

  • Landscaping in the spring

Our grand opening will be taking place Spring 2024. Watch for more details as we get closer to launching the new Portaupique Community Centre!

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