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We currently have a funding gap of $100,000. Join us in our efforts to rebuild Portapique.

Community Build Up +Projects Updates

Our goal from the beginning has been to create a space that will rejuvenate the connectedness of our community. That idea started as a small renovation, but has now grown to include the construction of a completely new building and greatly expanded community space. Here is where we are along that path:


So far in our rejuvenation journey we have:


  • Increased the property boundaries, allowing us to expand the community space and relocate the new building further back from the road.

  • Cleared areas of the property in order to build a beautiful and accessible playground.

  • Carefully took down our oritional 200 year old hall, preserving its original frame structure to be used as exposed beams in the new building.

  • Excavated the land to prepare for the new building.

  • Poured our new concrete foundation/floor for which the new building will be built on.

Our next steps include:


  • Continuing construction of the new building on our new foundation, which will include the return of the original framework to be featured on the inside of the new building.

  • Continuing to upgrade the outdoor areas to allow access to recreation activities and walking trails.

  • The development of a parking area in order to allow people to park safely when visiting the new Hall.


While we are all excited for the new building to be up and in operation, we are moving slowly to ensure the new building is built with expertise and the care that our community deserves. Please be patient with us as we take on this project.

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